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Why would you take a Private Equity training program?

Few careers offer as much diversity, responsibility, and intellectual stimulation as Private Equity.

This is why so many students and financial analysts want to break into PE. However, investment funds often have very few positions available. They usually consist of small teams with significantly lower turnover than investment banking or consulting firms.

This gap between the strong demand from recent graduates and the scarcity of available positions in Private Equity has led recruiters to become increasingly demanding with candidates.

Candidates must navigate multiple interview rounds, answer technical questions and pass Excel modeling cases. This process can be overwhelming for candidates who are not adequately prepared during their studies.

In order to bridge the gap between the demands of private equity professionals and the level of newly graduated students and analysts, a comprehensive, practical, and intuitive training program was deemed necessary. That’s why we built it.

Insider Private Equity knowledge for an unmatched interview preparation

We interviewed Private Equity professionals, recruiters, and former candidates.

We compiled their tips, the questions they ask in interviews, and the cases studies they require candidates to solve.

The answers they provided formed the basis for our comprehensive, practical, and intuitive training program.

We did not want this training to be like finance courses taught by PhD professors who, despite their knowledge, have never worked or recruited in Private Equity.

They trusted us and were impressed by our training program:

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Louis Roger
VC analyst at Campus Fund and former M&A analyst intern at Triple A
“The training is very comprehensive, allowing for growth and a deep understanding of the challenges and technical aspects of Private Equity”.
Luther Nangmo
Financial analyste (PE research and Fintech) at Campea
“Very enriching and educational content for those interested in Private Equity. I took the training and I am very satisfied. I highly recommend it”.

What does our Private Equity training include?

Our training covers all interview cases and questions in Private Equity

Formation Finance

A complete Private Equity training

The various courses modules will help you understand the PE and VC processes. 

You will find all the steps to prepare for Private Equity and Venture Capital interviews, including accounting and valuation basics, technical questions, pitfalls, and all topics covered in a corporate finance interview.

modélisation financière

Intuitive Excel models

This section covers building financial statements, DCF and comparable valuation models, LBO modeling, IRR sensitivty, debt modeling and many other financial modeling topics on Excel.

Soon, you will become the most prepared and efficient candidate when it comes to Excel modeling.

The Private Equity training is composed of the following modules:

Module 1

Understanding the Private Equity Landscape and the Investment Process

Gain a deep understanding of the Private Equity processes and the methods to consider a new investment opportunity.

Module 2

The “Fit” Interview Questions: Prepare for what other candidates overlook

Ace the “Fit” interview rounds and tackle brainteasing and market sizing questions with ease.

Module 3

Accounting Fundamentals 

Certainly, you’re not aiming to become an accountant. Thus, instead of a theoretical accounting course, you will learn everything that a financial analyst needs to know about accounting and financial statements.

Module 4

Corporate Finance, Valuation, and Modeling for Private Equity 

A hands-on module that will turn you into a true finance professional. You’ll learn the questions to prepare for, the methods to apply, and the pitfalls to avoid.

Module 5

The Mechanics of Financial Structuring and Engineering   

In this final module, you will uncover the financial, tax and legal aspects of financial structuring as well as the techniques that investors use to maximize the IRR.


“A well-structured and clear training program that effectively prepares for Private Equity interviews.

The price of this training remains very affordable given the quantity and quality of the content provided.”


“The training is thorough and covers all the key concepts in Private Equity.

I highly recommend Invest Prep as a preparation support for Private Equity interviews, compared to other training programs available.”


Members of Invest Prep's PE Program have landed jobs at top PE funds

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On average, participants have rated us 4,8/5

Our Private Equity training packages:

The PE training program


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