Why do we offer to review your resume?

Your resume is the most critical document you provide when applying for a job. Within one page, you must convince the hiring manager to schedule an interview with you.

On that single page, you need to demonstrate that:

  • Your profile aligns with the job posting
  • Your education and experiences make you a highly qualified candidate
  • You can clearly express your ideas and achievements
  • You are detail-oriented and avoid any errors or typos
  • You are someone we would enjoy speaking to and work with.

On average, a recruiter spends 34 seconds on your resume

(source: Tilkee)

👉 Is your resume impactful enough to make a difference in 34 seconds?

On average, a headhunter in Private Equity/M&A deals with over 300 resumes for only 1 job offer

(Source: Alvedis Conseil)

👉 Will your resume stand out from the rest of the stack?

Ask for a resume review and soon you will confidently answer “YES” to these two questions.

How can we help you create the most effective finance resume?

🔹 A finance resume must abide by specific guidelines that differ from those in other industries. However, beyond these guidelines and theory, many job applicants overlook crucial details and sometimes make mistakes that significantly reduce their chances of being invited for an interview.

🔹 In addition to our experiences as former finance job applicants, we have reviewed hundreds of intern and analyst resumes in Private Equity, investment banking, and financial consulting (Transaction Services, Financial Valuation, and Modeling).

🔹 Each resume will be reviewed by a minimum of 2 people. Two sets of eyes are better equipped to spot typos, inconsistencies, poorly constructed phrases, and other oversights.


What to expect from the review of your finance resume?

🔹 A thorough examination of your resume and personalized advice for optimization (both in form and content).

🔹 Your resume can be reviewed whether it is written in French or English (1 resume per order).

🗒️ After your order, send us your resume to the following email address: contact@investpre.fr. We will then send you, within 3 days, a personalized report and our guide to creating an optimized finance resume. The personalized report will focus on both the form and content of your resume.

Goal: To have an impactful resume that more frequently passes the screening phase in Private Equity, Investment Banking, and consulting.

Disclaimer: At this price, we do not create your resume from scratch. It is up to you to send us what you consider to be a final version. Based on our experience, there will still be many things to change/optimize.

I believe that I have a great resume. What if my resume is already perfect?

If your resume is already perfect and no modifications need to be made, we will refund 100% of the fees incurred. You have nothing to risk:

🔹 Either pay 80€ for our services and improve your resume, boosting your chances of getting an interview

🔸 Or receive a full refund and benefit for free from experienced outside opinions confirming that your resume is already perfect.