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Elevate your career in M&A and Leveraged Finance

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  • Experience comprehensive training from Investment Bankers from Goldman Sachs, Lazard, Citi, HSBC, BNP and more.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the technicalities of corporate finance and learn how to excel in interviews.
  • Discover the inner workings of Investment Banking, including M&A, Leveraged Finance, and ECM/DCM.
  • Master the art of creating clear and impactful complex Excel models.

“In my opinion, it is by far the best finance training.

It includes very clear and precise explanations, many interview questions, technical cases, and concrete examples from the day-to-day of an investment banker.

A training that is perfectly suited to my needs, I recommend it.”


“I was apprehensive about the M&A processes, and I must say that the investment banking training allowed me to feel more comfortable with business valuation and modeling notions.

The modules are very comprehensive while remaining very clear. I particularly appreciated the advice on how to build a Business Plan.” 


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What's included in the M&A - LevFin training?

All the knowledge you need to succeed in investment banking corporate finance interviews:

Formation Finance

5 comprehensive online training modules:

  • Bank careers and processes
  • HR and “fit” considerations
  • Financial statement analysis
  • Valuation and modeling
  • Legal, financial, and tax framework

End-of-module exercices and quizzes

modélisation financière

Real-world Excel case studies:

Practice and advance by re-doing the key Excel cases encountered in investment banking, private equity, and M&A interviews:

Business valuation, debt modeling, cash flow statement construction, LBO cases etc.

Invest Prep's training program in Investment Banking equips you with the confidence and preparation you need for your interviews.

By taking our training program you get a real edge over the other candidates.


“The vast majority of interview questions I was asked are already detailed in the training. I was able to prepare in advance and arrive perfectly prepared on the day.

This training is a real goldmine. The major topics of accounting, valuation, and financial modeling are presented with many examples and typical exercises.”


“I had already been working in finance for 2 years and was looking for a way to move into M&A or PE. Invest Prep gave me the opportunity to have a comprehensive training and catch up at my own pace.

This training program really allows you to make a difference in finance, feel more confident and technically proficient.”


The M&A and investment banking training modules

Module 1

The processes, responsibilities, and specificities of the main IB departments

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the life of an M&A and Leveraged Finance banker. Master key concepts like dilution/relution, synergies, syndication…

Module 2

Ace the ‘Fit’ interviews in Investment Banking: Presentation and HR Questions

Countless HR questions, brainteasing, and market sizing exercises, along with their solutions, to successfully navigate these critical steps in the process.

Module 3

Essential Accounting for a Career in Finance

Gain a clear understanding of the relationship between income statement, balance sheet, and CF statement, and consolidation issues.

Module 4

Corporate Finance, Business Valuation, and Modeling

A hands-on module to go beyond financial theory and master the most technical aspects of corporate finance and business valuation.

Module 5

The Legal, Tax, and Financial frameworks in a transaction

Dive into the mechanics of LBO and the IRR optimization levers through the study of structuring and financial engineering subjects.

At the end of each module, you will find a quiz consisting of multiple questions and exercises commonly asked in IB interviews

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